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Sketchbook 1983-2000 Flowers and Rocks

I thought it would be interesting to post a few pics from my old sketchbooks. It’s interesting to see the evolution of skill level and personal growth.


Sketchbook 1983-2000

From my Sketchbook 1998

In The Studio


This hotel was amazing, as well as downtown Santa Fe.
This shot was taken in front of Hotel Santa Fe while waiting for the rest of the group to get on the shuttle downtown.
I highly recommend a walk around the square.


Taken at Drakes Landing, New Zealand

We discovered this amazing beach exploring the East share of New Zealand.

The Mug Takes Manhattan

Nice shot of the Empire State Building…

Overlooking the beach by the pool.
I love this shot!

American Mug In New Jersey

Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie, Chevrolet, and…..the “MUG”!!!

With each picture posted, I wanted to give you the story of how it ended up where it did at that time.

Hello Again…

At last, my vision of a website to post pictures of the many travels and exploits, and dear friends of “The Mug” has been realized… A good friend helped me acquire the domain name and will host the site for me. Ready?….

I am working on developing the site and all the trimmin’s so, keep a weathered eye out on the Horizon….or at least at a Pub near you…for the latest news tales of debauchery…should be a blast!